Answering A Few Questions Concerning Commercial Air Conditioners

Posted on: 19 May 2016


Keeping your business cool and comfortable on a hot summer day will likely require the use of a powerful ai conditioning system. Unfortunately, there are some business leaders that may not have a very thorough understanding about these systems, which can cause them to make performance compromising mistakes. Luckily, learning the following few questions and answers may help you to avoid this problem.

What Are The Advantages Of Replacing Your Business's Air Conditioner?

Over the course of time, even a well-maintained air conditioner will start to suffer wear and tear that will gradually decrease its performance and make malfunctions more likely to happen. By upgrading to a new energy efficient unit, you can help to reduce both the repair and usage costs of these machines. While this upgrade can represent a sizable investment, there are some tax rebates and other incentives that you may be able to use to help offset the cost of this improvement.

What Is Causing Musty Odors Or A Sudden Increase In Allergy Problems?

One day you may notice that the air coming from your air conditioner has a musty smell, or you may experience a sudden increase in allergies while you are working. These issues can often be attributed to molds growing in the ducting. Unfortunately, the cool, dark and damp environment found your ducting can be perfect for large colonies of molds to start growing. When this problem is present with your system, you will need to have the ducting professionally cleaned to remove these substances and improve the air quality in your business. You can help to reduce these problems in the future by having a dehumidifier added to your air conditioner.

Is It Really Necessary To Have The Air Conditioner Serviced?

Some individuals may attempt to delay or skip having their air conditioners serviced in an effort to either save money or avoid the inconvenience of having a technician work on the system. However, regular service visits can be an essential aspect of maintaining your air conditioning system. Over time, it is possible for the vibrations generated by these devices to cause the motor to come out of alignment and hoses to come loose. Additionally, the system's lubrication will gradually degrade and need to be replenished. Without regular service visits, the system would suffer increasingly severe performance issues due to these types of wear. However, if you have the unit serviced by a professionally on a yearly basis, you can help to ensure that your systems works as efficiently and problem-free as possible.

For more information and assistance with your air conditioning maintenance, talk with HVAC contracting companies in your area, such as New Climate Heating & Air Conditioning.