HVAC System Installation Is A Complex Job That's Necessary When Your Old Equipment Gives Out

Posted on: 1 May 2023


When your furnace or air conditioner breaks down, it's usually a good idea to replace all of your HVAC systems at once. You might get a new thermostat, ducts, air conditioner, and furnace installed at the same time. Then everything will be new and ready to service your home well. Here's what you should know about an HVAC system installation.

You'll Need Help Choosing The Equipment

Choosing HVAC equipment is a complex task. Your contractor needs to run calculations to figure out the size you need for the AC, furnace, and ducts. Plus, the parts need to be compatible with each other.

You can let the contractor know the basics of what you want when it comes to energy efficiency, humidification, and air purifying if you want extras, but it's best to rely on an HVAC installation contractor when choosing the exact models of the equipment you install.

Old Equipment Is Often Recycled

You may not realize that many HVAC contractors recycle old refrigerant and old HVAC equipment. Functional parts may be harvested and sold as used parts. The metal frame can be recycled for the metal.

This keeps the equipment from being thrown in a landfill and it extracts as much use from the parts as possible. The contractor will haul away all of your old equipment and dispose of it properly or recycle it when possible.

The Job Might Take More Than A Day

Installing a complete HVAC system is a lot of work since all the parts have to be put together. Installation can sometimes be done in a day, but it could take a couple of days. That's why it's good to take the time of year into consideration when you schedule the installation.

If your HVAC breaks down, you may not have a choice when to replace it, but if you're scheduling the work in advance, consider picking a season when the temperature is mild since you won't be able to use your new HVAC system until it's all been installed and tested.

Learn Where To Find Important Parts

You'll probably get an instruction manual with your new HVAC, but it's still good for the installation contractor to go over the important parts of the equipment so you can find things like the reset button, power switch, fuse, and filter. You may need to find these parts if your HVAC shuts down or needs to be cleaned.

You might also ask about important maintenance you should do to help your equipment work efficiently and to reduce the risk of a breakdown. At the least, you'll want to change the filter regularly and have an annual tune-up from an HVAC technician. 

For more info about HVAC installation, contact a local professional.