Does Your Air Conditioner Have A Drainage Line Blockage?

Posted on: 21 November 2022


As they operate, air conditioners produce condensation. This is water that the AC has pulled out of the air in an effort to reduce the humidity levels of the space. When everything is working as it should, the air conditioner sends this condensate through a drainage line, which either leads to a pump or a drain. But sometimes, that drainage line becomes blocked, which is an issue an AC repair contractor will need to handle. Keep reading to learn more about this problem and how it is fixed.

How do you know whether your drainage line is blocked?

The key sign of a blocked AC drainage line is usually water on the floor surrounding the indoor component of your AC system. People often assume that this water is due to a leak, when in fact, it is due to a blockage. When water cannot get past the blockage, it starts spilling out around the connection between the drain line and the air conditioner. At first, you might only have a little water at certain times. But eventually, as the blockage becomes more solid, you'll notice more water on the floor.

How do AC repair technicians fix a blocked drain line?

This depends on how far down the line the blockage is and how solid the material causing the blockage is. 

If it is a looser blockage, perhaps caused by algae, then an AC contractor may simply send a cleaning device down the drain line to dislodge the offending material. If the blockage is located further down the tube or is really hard to clear, the AC contractor may instead replace the whole drain line. This is not as big of a repair as you might assume. The contractor can pull the old one off, cut a new piece of line to length, and attach it within a few minutes.

How can you keep your drainage line from blocking again?

Change your air filter more often, and your AC system will remain cleaner – which will mean less gunk accumulates in your drain line. You should also pour a little bleach into the condensate drain pan every now and then. This will kill any algae that has begun to grow in the line. Your HVAC contractor can show you where the condensate drain pan is, or you can reference your AC owner's manual for its location.

Blocked drain lines are common with air conditioners. Luckily, they are not that difficult to fix or prevent.

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