3 Signs To Hire HVAC Contractor For Ductwork Cleaning

Posted on: 25 May 2022


Your HVAC ductwork plays a crucial role in circulating warm and cool air throughout your home depending on the season to achieve desired room temperatures. The air ducts span your home to ensure that every room is sufficiently cooled or warmed through season transitions. For this reason, the air ducts should be routinely maintained to ensure sufficient airflow throughout the house.

When you have a designated HVAC contractor, you can rest easy knowing that the air ducts will remain in excellent condition. The professional will periodically clear out any debris build-up in the vents to ensure air circulation isn't interrupted. Continue reading to learn three signs the ductwork should be cleaned.

Unpleasant Odor Emanating from the Ducts

The most obvious sign you should contact an HVAC contractor for ductwork cleaning is an odor emanating from the vents. You might be tempted to ignore the odor hoping that it will fade over time. But this isn't a practical approach because as long as the odorous particles remain in the ductwork, the weird smell will linger in your household.

Investing in air duct cleaning allows professionals to blast out all particles that are propagating the weird smell in your household. Their thorough cleaning approach ensures you can go back to enjoying fresh air in your indoor spaces. Knowing that your indoor air is clean not only makes your stay at home pleasant but also encourages you to host friends and family.

Mold Growth Inside Your HVAC System

There's nothing as scary as finding out that mold is growing inside your HVAC system because it means your household is predisposed to respiratory infections. As you know, mold reproduces rapidly and releases mold dust, an allergen that irritates the respiratory tract and the lungs.

Thankfully, thoroughly cleaning the ductwork will ensure that your HVAC unit does not circulate mold dust throughout your home. That's why, instead of panicking when you make this unfortunate realization, you should contact your local HVAC contractor. Aside from cleaning the ductwork, the professionals will also find the source of the problem and apply a suitable remediation solution.

Poor Airflow in the House

The easiest way to determine if the ductwork needs to be cleaned is to monitor airflow in your house. If you notice temperature inconsistencies in your home, it means that the tunnels are not wide enough to supply sufficient air to cool or warm your home. To achieve consistent airflow quality across your home, you should contact your HVAC contractor and commission air duct cleaning. Clearing out all the dust and debris build-up in the ductwork ensures enough air is circulated throughout your home to achieve comfortable indoor spaces.

Now that you know the crucial role the ductwork plays, this is your cue to contact your HVAC contractor and commission routine air duct cleaning.