3 Signs You Need An Emergency Electrician To Come To Your House

Posted on: 16 March 2022


It is crucial that you are calling for emergency residential electrical services if you have certain types of issues going on with the electrical system. To help make sure you know when that time might be, you will want to review the following:

There Are Warm Outlets

Even if there is a lot of electricity being pulled through an outlet, it should not be warm to the touch. To make sure that the outlets in your home are fine, you will want to lightly touch the back of your hand to the outlet. Be sure to avoid letting something like a piece of a ring get into the slots, as you could become injured by electrocution. If they are not cool or room temperature and are instead warm, you will want to stop using them. Get in touch with an electrician right away.

The Breaker Flips Off A Lot

If you have breakers in the electrical panel box and there are some that flip into the off position very often, you will want to immediately contact a licensed electrician. If it only flips into the off position some of the time and you have discovered it is always because you have too much plugged into an outlet, that is understandable. You might want to change things around so you don't continue to have that occasional problem. When they flip off all of the time and you can't find a reason why, it could be because there is a major problem with the wiring.

All Of The Lights Flicker

When all of the lights in a house flicker at the same exact time, it is usually a sign that there is a problem with the breaker box set up, the main breaker itself, or possibly even the wires that lead into your home from the electric pole outside. You will need to call for urgent electrical repair services if you are experiencing this.

Always make sure that you have the contact information for a licensed electrician saved in your phone. This way, should an urgent electrical problem occur, you will already have the electrician's number stored in your phone. You will not have to worry about wasting time searching online and reading reviews, all while you are experiencing stress. When you are on the phone to schedule the service appointment, you will want to clearly explain what you are experiencing so they understand just how urgent the situation may be.