Residential AC Services: All You Need to Know About Mold Growth In the Air Ducts

Posted on: 23 February 2022


One of the components in an air conditioner is the air duct. It ensures quality air in your home by sucking the dirty and warm air in, cleaning it, and cooling it before sending it back to circulation. However, you have to maintain your air ducts in good shape to keep them working efficiently. Failing to do this can lead to uneven air distribution, hiked electric bills, irritating noise, and mold growth.

Naturally, mold growth is a significant hindrance to the quality of air in your home, and hence it must be addressed by a residential AC services expert immediately. Keep reading to learn more about mold in your air conditioning system.

Factors Behind the Growth of Mold in Air Ducts

For mold to thrive in the ducts, there has to be warmth and moisture, and the place has to be poorly ventilated. Besides that, a large AC cools the rooms faster before dehumidification starts, encouraging mold growth.  

The other factor is a low-temperature setting where cold air in the vent mixes with warm air in your home and forms moisture. If the moisture does not dry out, it can get into the ducts, thus forming mold. Mold also forms in leaking ducts. So, you need residential AC services providers to fix the problem to prevent the health effects of mold.

How to Know Your Air Ducts Are Filled with Mold

There are various ways of identifying mold in the ducts. For instance, stubborn smells that won't fade away even with top-notch cleaning products could signal a mold issue. In most cases, mold manifests in a musty odor before becoming visible. If you detect the smell only when the AC is running, the system is filled with mold. 

Apart from the air ducts, the situation can spread to other parts like the vents and drip pans if left unaddressed. So, you should consider calling an air conditioning repair company right away before the situation escalates. Remember that mold can cause health issues such as headaches, itchy eyes, and sore throats.

Cleaning the air ducts of mold might seem like something you can do by yourself. However, it is not as simple as it appears. First, your DIY methods are likely to fail, and secondly, you could damage the fragile parts and the air conditioner at large. Therefore, it is best to hire residential AC service providers to clean the unit skillfully using the appropriate tools.