Seven Things Not To Do When It Comes To Your Air Conditioning System

Posted on: 30 November 2021


If you want your air conditioning system to stay in optimum condition, there are some things you should avoid doing when using your system to cool your home. The following are seven things not to do when it comes to your air conditioning system. 

Letting too much time pass between coil and fin cleanings

The coils and fins on your AC unit need to be kept clean to optimize the functioning of your AC system. Residue on coils and fins can restrict airflow into your AC system and thereby reduce the effectiveness of HVAC equipment. 

Paying little attention to the setting of your thermostat

Make adjustments to your thermostat to keep you interiors comfortable and maximize air conditioner efficiency. The best way to keep your thermostat properly set is to invest in a programmable thermostat.

This way, you can plan changes to your thermostat setting in advance and change your thermostat at times when you're away from home. 

Regularly setting your thermostat to an unusually cold indoor temperature

The colder the temperature setting of your thermostat, the harder your AC system has to work. Keeping your thermostat set to a low temperature all the time can cause wear and tear on your air conditioning system components.

If you want to maximize air conditioner lifespan and increase efficiency, consider turning your thermostat up a few degrees when your air conditioner is running. 

Overlooking routine inspection needs

You need to have your system inspected once in a while. You should have an inspection done when your AC system is malfunctioning. You also need to have an inspection done once a year even when your system is working properly to detect any maintenance or repair needs. 

Leaving your air conditioning system on when no one is home

One of the most commonly made mistakes when it comes to air conditioning system use is leaving the AC running when no one is home. This unnecessarily increases demand on AC system components.

In addition to turning the AC off when you go out, you should also close vents in rooms of your home that aren't in use. This will make it easier to keep the rooms in your home that you're using the air conditioner for at a comfortable temperature. 

Being unwilling to replace your AC unit when needed

An old AC unit works less efficiently than a newer model. This will lead to increased utility costs and difficulty keeping a home's interior comfortable.

You should have a new air conditioner installed when your AC services provider recommends that you do so. Promptly replacing your unit when necessary will pay off over time. 

Relying solely on your air conditioning system

It's a good idea to not rely solely on your air conditioner to keep your home interiors comfortable in the summer months. You can use fans and thick curtains that block out the sun to help your AC system to maintain comfortably cool temperatures in your home.