Getting Your Heating System Ready For The Winter

Posted on: 30 October 2021


When the winter months are approaching, it is important to prepare your heating system. Otherwise, it may be more difficult and costly for you to keep your home warm when the temperature outside is freezing or below.

Clean The Burner And Pilot Light

If your house is equipped with a gas or oil-burning heating system, the burner and pilot light may need to be cleaned. Residue and dust that has collected on these components can be enough to cause the system to work less efficiently. In some cases, there may even be enough residue to be able to cause the system to completely fail to ignite. Prior to starting to use the heating system on a regular basis, these components should be wiped clean to remove the residue from the previous heating season and the dust that collected during the warm months.

Ensure The Heating System Has Good Ventilation

The ventilation for the heating system is another important consideration. These systems will need good ventilation in order to avoid overheating and turning off. When you are preparing your heating system for the winter, you should make sure that any dust that has collected on these vents is removed as this can reduce the flow of air into the system. Also, it can be useful to make sure that there are no items within a few feet of the heating system so that the ventilation will not be obstructed. This can also be necessary for reducing the risk of a fire starting.

Dust The Thermostat

The thermostat may not be a part of the HVAC system that you give much attention to. Yet, it will need some maintenance to keep it working efficiently. At a minimum, the thermostat will have to be cleaned to avoid dust interfering with the ability of the thermostat to effectively measure the temperature. Luckily, these components are designed to be easy to clean as the faceplate can be removed with minimal effort, and a can of compressed air will be able to efficiently remove all of the dust that has collected inside the thermostat over the summer.

Getting your heating system ready for the winter months can be a process that will require you to perform some basic maintenance. Removing all of the residues that are on the burner, maximizing ventilation for the heating unit, and taking the time to dust the thermostat are all steps that will improve the performance and reliability of your home's heating.