Furnace Problems That Your Home Could Encounter

Posted on: 23 July 2021


Furnace problems have the ability to cause your home to become frigid during the winter months. The full range of potential problems that a furnace can experience may be hard for a homeowner to fully comprehend, which can then lead to them failing to be prepared when these issues develop.

Pilot Light Performance Issues

A gas or oil furnace will need a pilot light in order to activate the burner. Issues with the pilot light can be a common occurrence with an aging furnace system. In many cases, these problems can stem from clogs that have formed on the pilot light and that are preventing it from efficiently igniting fuel. Other problems with this component can stem from corrosion that has compromised it. In situations where the problem with the pilot light is particularly significant, a repair technician may need to fully replace the burner. A burner replacement can be a common repair for these systems, but it will require an experienced professional to effectively do. Otherwise, it could be easy to incorrectly install it, which could lead to major performance problems for the entire unit as well as a risk of damage occurring.

Damage To The Air Vents

A furnace will need a large amount of air flowing into it if it is to remain functional. Without this airflow, the unit may not be able to generate heat by igniting fuel. Furthermore, some components of the furnace can be at a greater risk of overheating due to the heat accumulating in it. A common problem that air vents can experience will be bending. This can significantly restrict the flow of air, and it may be a problem that individuals may struggle to repair. Furnace technicians may be able to address this with a tool that is designed to gently bend the vent's fins back into place.

Smells When The Furnace Is Running

Smells coming from the furnace can indicate several possible performance problems with the unit. Some of these smells can be due to the development of mold and mildew in the unit that may spread spores throughout the home. Another potential cause of these odors can be a fuel imbalance with the burner. This can lead to some of the fumes from the fuel being spread through the home. Both of these problems are significant issues that require immediate attention. Fortunately, there are emergency furnace repair services that can respond quickly so that these particularly hazardous furnace problems can be corrected as soon as possible.

Reach out to a local furnace repair service to get help with these issues.