3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Furnace Effectively During Winter

Posted on: 19 April 2021


As winter approaches, everyone forgets their ACs, and all attention is shifted to their furnaces. This is when you don't wish any mechanical problem on your furnace, and it should be running properly and operating as efficiently as it was when new. Your furnace needs care and attention to keep it at its best performance during the entire winter season. Here's how you can take care of your furnace during winter.

Schedule a Furnace Repair 

This is especially important if you haven't used your furnace for a long time. Leaving your furnace unattended for some time can make it accumulate dust, and rodents can find their way into the furnace as well. When pollen, dirt, rodent, and other particles accumulate on the filter, the first attempt to switch the furnace can cause it to malfunction.

You should call an expert to help check it out and carry out all necessary repairs before you can start to use it again. After a long idleness period, the furnace can also have some wires chewed off by rodents and cannot function until it's repaired. An expert will help fix everything and even test it for you before leaving.

Open All the Heating Vents

It's a common belief that when you close some vents to unused rooms when using a furnace, you'll be saving on energy and reducing the furnace's work. The truth is you neither save money nor energy by excluding those rooms. You're causing problems to your furnace as this could lead to malfunctions sooner than you can anticipate.

When you close off these heating vents, you'll be blocking air from moving through the heating system as seamlessly as it should, leading to pressure build-up within the furnace. With this pressure, the furnace won't effectively channel air through the system to the rooms where you need the hot air. Continuous exposure of your furnace to this condition could lead to its breakdown. You'll then have to pay for furnace repair services to bring it back to normalcy.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector 

Carbon monoxide is a harmful gas, and you could get poisoned by it or get fatal health issues after a prolonged inhaling of the gas. The gas is produced as your furnace burns gas or oil to heat your home. You could be luckier if you're using an electric furnace for heating your home. 

If you're using the gas and oil ones, you'll have to install battery-operated carbon monoxide detectors in your home's strategic positions. This will help to alert you if the furnace is leaking dangerous odorless gas. Thanks to the detectors, you can avert the risks of poisoning and prevent any prospects of re-occurrence. 

Contact a local heating service to learn more.