HVAC Contractor Services: 3 Major Signs That Your System Is About To Break Down

Posted on: 12 November 2020


Extreme weather conditions can put your health at risk. For instance, extreme cold can cause you to start developing respiratory system problems. And so, investing in a properly functioning HVAC unit should be your priority this fall before the winter begins. Ensuring that your heating system is working properly, however, starts with identifying key indicators that your system is about to break. And once you identify these signs, call in a professional technician to repair your HVAC unit before the problem worsens. Here are signs to look out for.

1. An Unusual Smell

Normally, you will notice a burning smell coming from your HVAC unit a few minutes after you turn it on. But if the smell does not go away after half an hour or so, then your system has developed a problem that only an HVAC specialist can fix. And this problem could be either electrical wiring or motor issues. 

If your unit produces a rotten egg smell when you turn it on, it could be as a result of a gas leak. The moment you notice this problem, turn off the unit immediately before it wreaks havoc in your house. Then, call in an HVAC professional to fix the problem.

2. Abnormal Sounds

An HVAC unit is relatively quiet when operating normally, and most of the sounds that the system makes are just normal. But if you start hearing strange sounds coming from the system, then it could mean that your HVAC needs expert attention. 

Every strange sound is a clear indication that your heating system has developed a problem. And it would help if you just turned off the system the moment you identified the first unusual sound coming from it. After that, call in an HVAC technician to come to inspect and repair it. 

3. Insufficient Air Supply

If your HVAC unit doesn't supply enough air, then the filters might be having a problem. Dirt could have accumulated inside the filters and produce a strange smell when the dust heats.  

If you neglect your HVAC unit and continue operating with this problem, then the compressor might finally fail, which will be expensive to repair. So, if you notice the problem, switch off your HVAC unit and hire a professional technician to clean or replace the filters.

There's nothing more depressing than turning on your HVAC unit when you need it the most only to find out that it is not working. That means you will have to endure extreme temperatures until you call in a technician to fix it. However, that does not have to be the case if you took for immediate professional attention the moment you notice the signs above. A professional technician will inspect and repair the faulty parts of your system before it develops more complicated problems.

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