Three Issues That Could Impact Your AC System

Posted on: 27 May 2020


There are a variety of issues that can leave your home's air conditioning system unable to effectively function. Being prepared for these problems can greatly improve your ability to keep your home a comfortable place to be during the hotter months of the year. While it may seem like it will be impossible to prepare for all of the problems that your AC system can experience, being familiar with the most likely issues can go a long way towards helping you to effectively control your home's temperature.

A Frozen Unit

The primary air conditioning unit developing a thick layer of ice over it can be a problem that many homeowners will experience. This can lead to the system being unable to provide cool air to the home, and it can also increase the risk of the system suffering major damage. A common cause for this type of problem with an air conditioner is having inadequate airflow. Dirty vents or filters can be a common source of this reduced airflow, but there are other possible causes for this problem. An AC unit that is freezing over despite your efforts to clean the vents and replace the filter should be inspected by an AC repair technician as soon as possible so that the risk of major or permanent damage is kept low.

Damaged Compressor

The compressor for the air conditioning unit will be responsible for circulating the refrigerant through the coil system. A faulty compressor will be unable to effectively circulate this refrigerant, which can severely impair the unit's ability to provide cool air for the home. Generally, compressor failures are the most likely to occur to AC units that are fairly old. However, if you fail to maintain your AC unit, you will be more likely to encounter this type of failure due to the compressor's moving parts becoming worn.

Compromised Coils

The coils of the AC unit will be another key component that can suffer damage or failure that could impact the overall performance of the system. For example, it can be fairly common for these coils to rupture, suffer seal failures, or otherwise leak out the refrigerant. This can be among the more major repairs that the system could require as it may be necessary to completely replace the coil system. The interconnected nature of these coils can make it difficult or impossible for them to be replaced individually. However, a total coil replacement will still be far more affordable than paying to replace the entire AC unit.

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