Do These Four Things If Your Furnace Stops Working

Posted on: 5 August 2019


If you've ever experienced a winter without adequate heating, you know how miserable the cold can be. You rely on your furnace to keep the worst of the cold weather at bay, but eventually you may experience a furnace outage. If your furnace quits unexpectedly, here are four steps you should follow:

1. Check every room in the house.

In some cases, the problem isn't with your furnace but your air ducts. Check every room in your house before concluding that your furnace isn't working. If some rooms are receiving heat but not others, that indicates a problem with your air ducts. There might be a blockage in one of the ducts. Call an HVAC repair service that performs air duct cleaning and repairs to solve this particular problem. If none of the rooms in your house are being heated, then it's likely the problem lies with the furnace itself.

2. Take a look at your thermostat.

Find out if your thermostat is causing the problem. Your problem might be as easy to solve by resetting the thermostat. If you live with other people, it's possible someone turned down the thermostat by accident. Try turning your thermostat all the way up to see if your furnace will turn back on. If the thermostat settings haven't changed, you may want to see if faulty wiring is to blame. Rodents and other household pests sometimes like to chew through wires, and this could mean your furnace isn't receiving the signal from your thermostat.

3. Replace your air filter.

Air filters should be replaced every three months in the average household. People with pets or large families may have to replace their air filters more often. Air filters that have passed their prime allow less air through since they're clogged with dust, pet hair, and other debris. A clogged air filter may be contributing to the lack of heat in your home. Try replacing your air filter and see if that fixes your problem.

4. Call a furnace repair service.

Once you've checked all the basics, it's time to call a professional. Furnaces can break down for any number of reasons. A furnace repair service will thoroughly clean your furnace. They will make sure your furnace burners are clear of debris, and they will make sure the blowers are working. Your service person can also check your furnace's wiring to make sure the problem isn't electrical.

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