3 Issues Your Air Conditioner May Be Facing

Posted on: 21 May 2019


Are you tired of your home getting too hot with the arrival of warm weather? Do you think that you need to replace your air conditioner in order to find some relief? While it's certainly possible that you need a new air conditioner, it may not be to that point just yet. You may still be able to fix the air conditioner, at least for one more year. This will give you more time to save for a better air conditioning unit and give you some relief in the meantime. Some things you can try to have done include the following:

Clean & inspect vents 

One of the biggest things that may make you think you need to repair your air conditioning when it's actually not necessary is ductwork that is in suboptimal condition. Ducts that are leaky or that are full of dust will prevent cooled air from reaching the inside of your home where it belongs. This will give the illusion that the air conditioner is broken when it's actually working just fine. Having a professional clean out and inspect your vents will help to ensure that the ducts aren't a problem if they ever were.


Sometimes the problem with an air conditioner is loose wiring or a fan motor that's starting to die. Fortunately, these are things that an air conditioning repair technician can fix with relative ease. Instead of spending over many hundreds of dollars on a new air conditioner, you could spend a fraction of that getting a tuneup and getting your current air conditioner back into shape. Depending on the results of the tuneup, you could have another couple of years before you actually need to replace the whole air conditioner with a brand-new unit. The repair technician will let you know your prospects as soon as he or she has finished.

New thermostat 

The older your thermostat is, the more likely it is that it may be causing problems with your air conditioner. With an analog thermostat, it's possible that the parts have gotten worn or corroded so that they either don't work or only work now and then. Replacing your thermostat is an easy task for an air conditioning repair technician and is something that can be done in under an hour. Once you have a brand-new thermostat in place, you may find that your air conditioner actually works as you need it to with no further repairs necessary.