How To Prevent Serious HVAC Problems

Posted on: 23 June 2018


Are your utility bills becoming a monthly expense that keeps growing? If you look back on your annual expenditures, it can be shocking and frustrating to see how much you spend on AC and heat. Spending several thousand dollars a year to make your air more comfortable is necessary, but there are definitely places you can save some money. Your system probably isn't working at the same peak efficiency that it was when it was initially installed. It is going to become a little slower over time. So, what can you do to battle the inevitable decline of HVAC efficiency?

Prevent Problems

In generally, HVAC systems rely on preemptive maintenance. That is, there is usually nothing overtly wrong or broken with your system. More likely, everything just begins to work a little slower and less efficiently because it is older, it gets a little dirty, and certain things just get worn down. It is going to be more expensive to run after years of use. The problems are usually compounded by the fact that HVAC systems are highly interconnected.

A Prime Example of An Interconnected HVAC System

For example, if one part of the system, like the evaporator condensate pipe, is not doing its job, it can affect the evaporator, which will slow down the condenser, which will decrease the productivity of airflow and suck up more electricity. This is just one example of how even a small problem can end up becoming substantial (and expensive) if it is not taken care of as soon as possible.

The first thing you should do is schedule regular maintenance services. In most areas, an HVAC maintenance service will probably cost less than $50. They will come and check your system for any problems. If anything needs to be actually replaced or repaired, there will be additional fees (if you agree to have them fixed).

If you have this done once a year, it will definitely pay for itself in the long run. Even if the HVAC techs don't make any huge repairs (beyond cleaning the connections, changing the filters, recharging the refrigerant, and re-calibrating your system), you can expect to see slightly reduced utility bills. On top of this, you can also expect that the major components in your HVAC system will actually last longer. In the long term, the money you save can add up to thousands of dollars. For more information, contact local HVAC and furnace repair companies.