Is Your AC Running? What To Do If You Can't Stop It

Posted on: 21 February 2018


While you may expect that your home's central air conditioning will function as its intended so long as you have it cleaned regularly, there are still some instances when things can go wrong. Although it's more common for a central air system to fail to turn on, another problem that you might encounter is your central air conditioning system not turning off when it is supposed to. If you're having trouble getting your central air to shut off, here are a few of the things that could be causing it.

Thermostat Problems

The most common reason why a central air system won't shut off is due to a problem with the thermostat. When the thermostat doesn't register the temperature properly or doesn't communicate back to the central air unit appropriately, it can cause these problems.

Check the temperature that the thermostat is set on first. If it's been lowered to an unreasonable temperature, that can make it seem like the system won't shut off because it's working so hard to reach that temperature. If the temperature is set properly, raise the thermostat setting above the current room temperature. This should disengage the air conditioner. If it doesn't, have the thermostat tested to be sure the circuit is completing. If not, replace it.

Condensing Unit Care

Your air conditioner's condensing unit has a set of coils inside that are responsible for dispersing the heat that's present in the air. If those coils are dirty and haven't been cared for, they won't be able to draw heat from the air as efficiently as they should. As a result, your air conditioning system won't be able to maintain your home's set temperature. This leads to the system running nonstop. Remove the cover from the condensing unit and check the condition of the coils. Clean them if there's any dirt or other particles on the surface of them. This will ensure that they are able to work as effectively as they can to cool the air.

Fan Limit Switch Issues

Most every central air conditioner has a fan limit switch that's installed by the blower. Sometimes it's installed on the blower itself. The limit switch controls the fan itself, allowing it to run by itself without the thermostat engaging it. Sometimes that limit switch has a manual override setting on it, and if the switch is set to manual, that can leave the fan running all the time, not just when the thermostat determines that it's needed. Check the switch and reset it to the auto setting if it's in manual mode, and this should help to disengage the system when it's not necessary.

General Maintenance Troubles

Central air conditioning needs to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis by someone who has been trained in HVAC service. If you don't do this, it can lead to all kinds of malfunctions, including an air conditioning system that won't turn off. This once-a-year process involves cleaning out the entire condenser, the air vents, and any other components. While the cleaning is in process, the technician will inspect everything for any signs of loose wires, damage, and other potential problems. The pressure of the refrigerant will also be tested, because any time you have a reduction in the refrigerant pressure, that indicates a potential leak in the system. Not only does this affect the efficiency of your system, it also introduces contaminants into the air and can be costly. Having this service done in a timely manner will keep the system running as it should and help you to reduce the risk of costly problems.

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