Two Important Ways To Maintain Your Heat Pump

Posted on: 14 November 2017


It's not easy to keep your AC system working at 100% efficiency. It is a constant struggle that requires vigilance. Most repairs are difficult, they just need to be done in a timely manner. This article looks at two of the easiest ways you can make to keep up your HVAC system.

Cover Your Heat Pump

When it comes to a healthy AC system, taking preventative measures is vital. Perhaps the most important thing is making sure the evaporator coils on your heat pump are always kept clean. These coils, since they're outside and exposed to the elements, endure more wear and tear than other parts of your system. The heat pump is one of the most important components in an air-conditioning system. It helps draw warm air out of your home, where it is of circulated and turned into cool air that can then be circulated back into your duct system.

So, the first preventative measure is to cover your heat pump whenever you are using it. Your pump should have come with a simple cover, but many people never put the cover back on once they install the pump. Keeping your pump covered during the winter months, when you are just using your heating system, is going to preserve the evaporator coils, protect them from getting dirty, and keep your system more efficient.

Cleaning Your Coils

If your coils are already dirty, you can actually clean them quite easily. A coil cleaning brush is a metal wire brush that can be easily used to scrub dirt out of the gaps between the metal. These brushes work extremely well if you also use it for operator coil cleaning liquid. This is a spray-on liquid that foams up when applied to the coils. You let it soak in for a couple of minutes and then scrub the coil with the brush. You should scrub with the grains of the coil. You don't want to go side-to-side and smash the coils down. If your coils are smashed bent, they won't be very effective, even if they are clean. In the end, keeping up a healthy and productive is one of the best ways to keep your AC system functioning at maximum efficiency. Of course, this is a process that you need to repeat frequently.

It is probably necessary to clean your evaporator coils once a year. If you do it at the end of every summer, when you are done using your air conditioner, you can then immediately put your cover on and protect the coil during the winter.