Air Conditioning Upgrades To Do In Spring Before Summer Heatwaves Arrive

Posted on: 24 February 2017


Soon the summer heatwaves will be here and you will want to turn your AC up full blast. This also means that you are going to be using a lot more energy to keep your house cool. Spring is a good time to start with upgrades to improve your AC system. Here are some spring air conditioning improvements that you may want to consider for your home before summer heatwaves start:

1. Combination Systems with Forced Air and Evaporative Cooling Technology

Common air conditioning systems remove humidity from the air and ventilate to cool your home. In dry climates, this is less efficient which is why evaporative coolers are used. Evaporative coolers have their own problems when there are changes in weather, or when there is too much humidity from evaporation. These problems are why combination systems are becoming more popular, which is a system that uses a combination of forced air and evaporative cooling technology.

2. Modern Geothermal Solutions to Improve the Efficiency of HVAC Systems

Modern geothermal systems are another option that you may want to consider for cooling improvements this summer. These are systems that use the median ground temperature as a source of thermal energy. During the winter, geothermal provides energy too cool your home, and it will also provide energy to reduce energy consumption of the AC during the summer months. Geothermal HVAC is more of a complete solution for your home's energy needs. Geothermal loops can also be connected to mechanical systems like water heaters or refrigeration for commercial uses.

3. Ductless AC Systems That Are Used in Slit Designs for Zoned HVAC Needs

Ductless HVAC systems are another option that you may want to consider. These are systems that do not use ductwork, and instead, they have air handlers located in your home. If your home needs a zoned HVAC design, split ductless systems can be used. A split system is when more than one indoor air handler is installed to cool different areas of your home. With a ductless HVAC system, you will also have the benefit of lower costs. Since these systems do not have ducts, the material costs are lower, as well as the labor for the installation of your new HVAC system.

The AC of your home may need an upgrade to make it more efficient. Contact a service like Vigil Air and talk with a professional about your options.