5 Mistakes To Avoid To Properly Maintain Your Air Conditioning

Posted on: 18 January 2017


As a homeowner with air conditioning, you want to be sure that it is well maintained so that you can continue keeping your family cool during the hot summer months. To ensure that you are properly maintaining your AC, you will want to avoid the following five mistakes:

  1. Not Setting Up a Regularly Scheduled Inspection:  Before summer begins, it's important that you schedule regular inspections to be done by a professional. This way, any problems that you haven't caught will be taken care of before you need to start using your AC. This is going to help you avoid major repairs that can delay your ability to use your AC during the summer. 
  2. Not Cleaning the Unit: Before you start using your AC, you need to be sure that you clean all the dirt and debris off the condenser. Otherwise, all the dirt and dust that has accumulated while the AC was not being used will quickly clog the filter and make the air flow less than perfect. This is then going to up the cost of running your AC and possibly create other problems with your air conditioning unit that will need to be repaired. 
  3. Changing the Thermostat Temperature Often: When you change the thermostat temperature too often, it can overwork the air conditioning system, which leads to breakdowns. It's important that you set the thermostat at a temperature you are comfortable in so that you don't have to constantly change it. 
  4. Turning the Air Conditioning On and Off: When you are constantly turning the air conditioning on and off, it does the same as changing the thermostat temperature too often, which is overwork the system. It's better to leave the air conditioning on throughout the day and turn it off at night if you need to. If it's still hot at night, though, it's definitely better to simply leave it on at a comfortable temperature. 
  5. Not Changing the Filter: Too often, homeowners with air conditioning will only change the filter on the AC before they start using it during the summer and that's it. However, it's better to change the filter every three months at least, if not more. You should change it more if you have pets since pet dander clogs up the filter more rapidly than regular dust and debris in the air. 

When you know what five mistakes to avoid, you can be sure that your air conditioning does not cost you too much on your energy bills or in repairs. For more information, talk to a professional like Universal Refrigeration.