Boiler Maintenance Tips For New Homeowners

Posted on: 8 January 2016


Boilers are great at keeping your house really warm. However, they do require some maintenance and care in order to continue to work effectively. Here are a few boiler maintenance tips as a new homeowner that you should know in order to keep your boiler in great working condition. 

Install A Carbon Monoxide Monitor

If you don't already have a carbon monoxide monitor in your home, you need to install one. You should have one located right next to your broiler, and a few throughout your house.   

You can purchase a carbon monoxide monitor from your local home improvement store that is battery powered. All you have to do to set it up is insert the batteries and secure it on your wall with the screws provided. 

Although it is not common, sometimes boilers develop leaks. 

Check The Oil

Don't forget to check the oil tank, especially when you are heavily using your boiler. Set a reminder on your phone to check the oil every two weeks during the winter when you are heavily user boiler, and at least once a month when you are not using the boiler as often.

If your tank runs out of oil, the lines will bleed through. This can be a costly repair that can easily be avoided by checking the oil and adding additional oil when it gets low. 

Never Cover Your Boiler 

You should never cover your boiler. Your boiler needs to have air circulating around it to work properly. You should also never place things over the air vents on your boiler. This can cause your boiler to malfunction. Keep the area around your boiler as clean as possible.

Run Your Boiler Occasionally During The Warm Months

You should not let your boiler set unused for months at a time. Your boiler is kind of like a car; you need to use it occasionally to keep all the parts in good working order. In the spring and summer when you are not using your boiler as much, you turn your thermostat up really high and let your boiler run for a short period of time.

Doing this every couple of weeks during the warm weather months will prevent dirt and sludge from building up in your radiator and pipes. Turning on your boiler will blast out anything that has settled inside of your pipes and vents. Also, when you turn on your boiler, all the parts inside of your boiler are able to maintain their lubrication through use. 

Your boiler will help you keep your house warm if you take proper care of it. Remember to check the oil and keep the area around your boiler clear of debris. Run your broiler for short bursts even when it is warm outside to keep everything working properly. Stay safe by installing a carbon monoxide monitor to warn you of any leaks that develop.