Keep Your Home's Temperature Cool And Your Utilities Bill Manageable With These Three Tips

Posted on: 30 November 2015


It can be easy to ignore your home's air conditioning until the utilities bill arrives, and then you begin regretting your daily use of the unit. While it's true that turning your A/C completely off can help you avoid a hefty utilities bill, this approach isn't exactly comfortable when it's hot and humid outside. There are better ways to keep your bill under control while you still enjoy the benefits provided by the air conditioning. Here are three ideas that are easy to implement and can help you enjoy the balance between a pleasant temperature inside your home and a manageable bill.

Invest In Insulated Curtains

On a hot, sunny day, the sun's rays can pass through your windows and glass doors, penetrate your curtains and increase the heat inside your home. This added heat will mean that your air conditioning will have to run longer to lower the temperature, which will cause your utilities bill to rise. You can reduce the source of this added heat by installing insulated curtains, which have an extra layer or are made of thicker fabric and can block the sun. They're available in a wide range of patterns and common at many stores that sell home furnishings.

Seal The Leaks Throughout Your Home

Small leaks located throughout your home can allow the hot air from outside to enter, which will cause your air conditioning to run unnecessarily. Check for leaks around the doors and windows of your home. If you hold your hand along the edges of the doors and windows, you can often feel warm air if the leak is substantial. There are a number of methods of solving this problem; you can use an expanding foam spray to block off leaks next to window frames and doors, while replacing a worn door sweep on the bottom of a door can also be beneficial.

Find Alternatives To Running Hot Appliances

The use of large appliances that produce a significant amount of heat, such as your stove, oven and dryer, will also raise your home's interior temperature and result in your A/C running longer and boosting your utilities bills. Although you can't typically cease all use of these appliances, making use of a clothesline outside can help you reduce your dryer usage, while cooking on a barbecue when it's especially hot outdoors helps you skip having to run your stove and oven.

An air conditioning services professional can give you more tips and advice.