Three Tips To Protect An Air Conditioning Condenser Fan From Pests

Posted on: 19 May 2015


Whether your air conditioning unit is an indoor or outdoor model, the condenser fan on it is in constant danger of pest infiltration. Luckily, with the right tools and a little bit of effort on your part, you can drastically reduce the risk of your condenser fan breaking down because of pests. To help with pest proofing your air conditioner's condenser fan, consider these three tips.

Spray A Small Amount Of Bug Spray In Front Of The Fan's Exterior Panel

While not all pests will be stopped by bug spray, you'll certainly gain a lot of cheap and easy protection. Since any bugs will have to go through a slitted panel on your air conditioning unit to get to the condenser fan, it makes sense to spray the area.

However, you don't want to soak your condenser fan in so much bug spray that it starts jamming. Taking the fan out of the unit in order to clean it will take a lot of time. Therefore, your best option is to spray only a little bit of bug spray well in front of the slitted panel.

Clean Your Unit's Metal Exterior And Keep It Away From Clutter

You don't want to give pests any excuse to mill about in the area around your condenser fan. Eliminate both any potential food and any stray debris that's lingering on your air conditioner's exterior.

It's also imperative to minimize the amount of clutter in the immediate vicinity of your air conditioner. More clutter means more places for pests to hide. If even a few pests have decided to hide near your condenser fan, it's inevitable that they'll sally out to inspect it eventually.

Set Pest Traps In The Area Immediately Around Your Air Conditioner

As long as there isn't too much clutter around your air conditioner, you should have plenty of space to set all kinds of pest traps. When you're selecting what traps to place, take into consideration what types of pests are the most worrisome in your area.

For example, if scorpions are common in your neighborhood, you shouldn't begrudge setting up at least a few traps for them. Don't underestimate the capacity for younger scorpions and scorpions from a small species to slip through the slits on your condenser fan's exterior panel.

If your condenser fan stops working, you won't be able to use your air conditioner at all until you fix the problem. If this happens, make sure to contact a company like Perry Heating Cooling.